Secrets of Great Performance ™

Geoffrey’s long experience as a corporate entertainer has led to a flourishing career as a keynote speaker for business audiences. He provides insight, stimulation and added value to conferences, training seminars and key business events.

As a speech and demonstration of astonishing skill, SECRETS OF GREAT PERFORMANCE™ has a wow factor that is second to none. As an experiential learning tool for organisations of all kinds, it offers unique, powerful insights into the parallel worlds of business and performance.


Geoffrey offers an entirely new perspective on the concept of performance in the business environment. He shows how the meticulous preparation required to deliver results as a magician is identical to that in the corporate world, and he discloses how he does it. His job forces him to exceed the expectations of his clients every day – but, unlike most of us, he never gets a second chance. With his unique blend of wit, interactive demonstration and a hard business message, Geoffrey delivers an inspirational session that shows how to live in the solution. At once funny and serious, his presentation is entirely original and uniquely his own.



In addition to its motivational value, SECRETS OF GREAT PERFORMANCE™ offers help and practical solutions to people who find the idea of delivering a presentation – or even being asked to “just say a few words” – both difficult and daunting. Geoffrey gives illumination and encouragement for all who face these challenges every day. He shows how to be warm and articulate and gives the ultimate low-down on how to be truly yourself in public.




Selling the product

Geoffrey has thirty years’ experience of presenting products through the medium of magic. He is always happy to discuss your individual requirements. His previous work includes:

• 100 cabaret performances for prospective buyers of Seat cars. Each show consisted of a 20 – 30 minute cabaret of comedy and magic, after which the audience knew ten key facts about the product which they didn’t know before.

• A table-top performance of after-dinner magic for thirty executives of American Express representing countries throughout Europe. At the request of the company, the forty-five minute performance featured exclusively American Express products. Nothing else was used.

• A cabaret for the entire sales staff of Kellogg’s UK in which Geoffrey magically revealed their next product line.